Girl Power

Rebecca, Amy and Melissa experienced an amazing day out in the deep. Leaving the harbour at 6am, they bravely endured the 2 hour run to get to the tuna grounds. Conditions were good for the early morning run but the forecast of the upcoming SE was spot on and they caught their fish in 15 to 18 knots of wind. All the fish were caught behind a trawler on the bait. Each fight lasted between 30 and 45 minutes giving them each a first hand account of how strong the Yellowfin tuna really is. As the wind continued to increase we decided to call it a day. We were fishing quite far south of Hout Bay which made the run home fairly comforatble with the wind almost directly behind us. All of them braved up and handled the day brilliantly and I am quite sure there will be some sore bodies today. This tuna fishing trip was their first ever and they certainly have the pics and bragging rights to show off their catch.........well done Ladies!

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