Possible World Record

Thursday 7th July we headed to the tuna grounds off Cape Point as there had been some big size Longfin tuna been caught over the last few weeks.

I have been keen to have a go at the current 3kg Longfin tuna record for the past 3 years and now seemed the perfect time to have that shot.

We got our first strike fairly early that morning and managed to get the fish up around the boat swimming amongst our chum.. Time to go for it!!!

I had made up a Shimano light roller guide rod with a Charter T1000 lever drag reel as the 3kg outfit to tackle the fish.

With the tuna swimming in the chum I added a pice of chum to my bait hook and set it in the water.. Virtually immediately I was into a fish and so the battle started.. Fishing on such light line takes patience and concentration and after 1h05 minutes we managed to gaff and land the fish.. A quick weigh with the scale on the boat indicated we were in the game for a possible WR...

Back on the marina the fish was weighed on a officially calibrated and certified scale..

Final weight 21 Kgs bettering the current record which stands at 15.75 kgs….

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